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At Brooklyn Therapy Group we partner with an exceptional team of psychiatrists to offer the best mental health solutions in Brooklyn, NY. We can refer you to our MD colleagues who offer a wide variety of medication and medication management plans aimed to help you manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

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Psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors—it can be hard to know the difference between them all. This confusion can make picking the right one—and getting the right treatment for your needs—harder than it needs to be.

At Brooklyn Therapy Group, we do away with this confusion. For anxiety, depression, or any other psychiatric condition, we make it easy to connect with professionals who can help.

Let us help you understand your options and get the help you need today.

What is a Psychiatrist (and What Do They Do)?

The easiest way to describe a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in psychiatric care. Psychiatry is the study and treatment of mental illness, emotional disturbance, and abnormal behavior. In applying their expertise in medicine and psychiatry, psychiatrists offer medication-supported psychiatric treatment.

When first meeting with a patient, psychiatrists take time to understand their needs. During this assessment, a wide variety of psychotherapy (i.e., talk therapy) methods can be used. What’s ultimately used depends on the patient’s needs. For example, CBT, DBT, Psychodynamic Therapy, or other methods may be involved. In combination with medication, talk therapy can also be an ongoing part of treatment.

Psychiatrists can help treat all kinds of different psychiatric conditions. These include mood disorders, anxiety, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, trauma-related disorders, and ADHD. Psychiatrists also specialize in substance use disorders (SUD), as well. This gives them the additional authority to treat a wide variety of alcohol- and drug-related conditions.

How are Psychiatrists Different from Psychologists or Counselors?

The biggest difference between psychiatrists and psychologists is that psychologists can’t prescribe medicine. This is because psychologists aren’t medical doctors. They lack the necessary education and training in medicine to be able to prescribe and manage medicated treatment. They can only diagnose and treat issues using talk therapy. Psychiatrists, on the other hand, are qualified to treat patients using both talk therapy and medication.

While counselors offer similar services as psychologists, they are typically less educated. While psychologists hold doctoral degrees (Ph.D., PsyD, or EdD), counselors will often hold at most master’s degrees (MA, MEd, or MC). In place of the more formalized training, counselors will often hold specific certifications. As a result, they often specialize more narrowly than psychologists or psychiatrists. For example, there are professional counselors, mental health counselors, and drug abuse counselors. There are also types of counselors lacking the actual title of “counselor” in their name. These include peer specialists, clinical social workers, and marital and family therapists. Confusingly, the term “counselor” is also used more interchangeably than any other mental health title.

For these reasons, if you’re considering working with a counselor, it’s best to do your own research into their credentials. As a patient, you want to make sure that their specific expertise lends to the issues you’re dealing with. If the idea of finding the right specialized counselor seems intimidating, a psychiatrist may be a better option. With a psychiatrist (or psychologist), you can rely on a more formalized education. This also leads to more generalized expertise, qualifying them to help with a wider array of issues.

How Brooklyn Therapy Group Works

Step 1: Get In Touch

Before we can set you up with the right psychiatrist, we need to learn about the issues you’re dealing with. It’s okay if you don’t have an official diagnosis yet; treatment can help with that. All we need to know about are the issues or circumstances in your life that are bothering you. You can fill us in by booking an appointment online or by giving us a call, whichever you prefer.


Step 2: Get Matched

After your free consultation, we’ll give you a rundown of the services that we offer. With your details in hand, we’ll help match you with the best plan and psychiatrist for your needs. You can read up on all our psychiatrists’ expertise, treatment methods, and beliefs for easier research.

Step 3: Get Treatment

Once matched with a suitable psychiatrist, all that’s left to do is start your treatment. Your initial assessment session can be conducted over the phone, over video, or in-person at your psychiatrist’s office. The same goes for any subsequent meetings for medication management.

Why Brooklyn Therapy Group is the Best Place to Find a Psychiatrist

We have taken every step possible to ensure safe, effective, and tailor-made treatment. This applies from the expertise of our staff to the ease of our treatment. Drawing from many different specialties, our plans cater to a wide variety of psychiatric conditions. Plus, all treatment begins with a personalized therapist-patient matching process. No matter what you’re struggling with, at Brooklyn Therapy Group, we’re here to help.

Medication And Medication Management?

Depending on the patient’s diagnosis, a Psychiatrists can recommend various psychopharmacology options.  This, along with attentive and ongoing medication management, can help you overcome the symptoms of a variety of mental health disorders. Our providers devote the time necessary to get to know each patient and provide comprehensive medical assessments. They do this so that they can make thoughtful recommendations about psychotropic medications that are unique to each patient.

The psychiatrists that we partner with consider ways that therapy can complement medication use by helping the patient develop skills and find support to create a well-rounded treatment plan. Our goal is to support our patients’ evolving needs.  Whether that means helping them to change medications helping them to stop taking a medication.

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