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Based in Brooklyn, New York the Brooklyn Therapy Group is a collective of doctoral-level therapists. We were established to provide individual therapy to New York residents. Since then, our client base has grown. We also offer convenient one-on-one therapy sessions virtually. That means we can provide therapy to New York residents one-to-one in person. Or provide therapy to anyone, based anywhere via online sessions. 

We’re committed to providing our clients with a supportive and nurturing environment. We provide the right environment for the therapeutic process to work. Brooklyn Therapy Group is passionate about giving all our clients high-quality attention and care.

We serve a wide range of needs by offering a diverse and specialized number of therapeutic styles and approaches.

The Fundamentals of Psychotherapy

The goal of psychotherapy (which is also known as talking therapy, talk therapy, and individual therapy) is to get you to feel better. We want to help you to recover from what has been troubling you. Psychotherapists, use the terms response, remission, and recovery. These refer to you responding to treatment and feeling better.

For most people, that means feeling stronger mentally. It also means feeling more in control and closer to achieving personal happiness and contentment.

The overall aim of psychotherapy is to help people manage their mental illnesses. It should improve their overall wellness emotionally and psychologically.

There are a lot of different ways to achieve these goals. So, the focus is not on one methodology, but on finding solutions that work for an individual client.

We work closely with each client and apply our post-doctoral level knowledge and experience. Therapists at Brooklyn Therapy Group encourage the response, remission, and recovery process in their patients.

Can Therapy in Brooklyn Help Me?

If you’re wondering whether the Brooklyn Therapy Group is right for you, here are a few things to consider.

Most people who choose to take one-to-one therapy sessions find this style of treatment beneficial. Patients report an improvement in their mental health.

Therapy, like that provided by the Brooklyn Therapy Group, can help patients reduce symptoms. We can help you to perform functions in everyday life more easily which may have been difficult previously.

Those who have received therapy often report fewer sick days. Which means less frequent medical problems and increased satisfaction at work. To overcome mental health obstacles, psychotherapy has been shown to make a big difference. It can improve self-esteem and encourage a more positive worldview, leading to fewer negative feelings.

An individual can best benefit from therapy if they approach it with an open and honest attitude. Additionally, psychotherapy can treat a range of mental health issues including:

What to Expect From Brooklyn Therapy Group

The first session with your therapist is all about collecting information. It will help to establish a working relationship. They may ask you questions to better understand your past experiences. These questions could include physical, emotional, and mental health questions. They could also be questions about your current lifestyle.

The first session is also a chance for you to see how comfortable you feel talking to your therapist. It’s important that you’re paired with a therapist you feel very comfortable talking with about a range of experiences and emotions. So getting the right patient/therapist relationship is essential.

We are a group of therapists who place enormous emphasis on the emotional security and trust of our patients.

Improving Your Life With Therapy In Brooklyn

The way we conduct individual one-to-one therapy is based on the individual being treated and their specific needs and issues. We ensure that people going into therapy can expect a welcoming and respectful environment. It’s imperative to us that the people we help can express themselves.

The goal of psychotherapy is for the person who is being treated to have an improved quality of life.

Some of the subjects which might be discussed during a therapy session include:

How Do I Find a Therapist?

When it comes to therapy, the strength of the working relationship between the individual receiving therapy and their practitioner is the most reliable predictor of success!

The first step to seeing a therapist that suits you is to contact us. Our client coordinator will call you back. During our initial call, we will establish the best therapist to pair you with to match your goals and needs.

All of our psychologists have extensive experience. They also have a high level of knowledge along with deep respect and compassion for Brooklyn Therapy Group patients. You can get in touch now to receive a call from us and get started today.

We also provide practitioner biographies so you can begin to read about our team and see who might be the right therapist for you.

What Can I Expect?

Your first couples therapy session will begin with some preliminary questions. These details will help your therapist get a sense of the relationship. They will ask about the history of the relationship, values, and cultural background.

In the following sessions, the therapist will then assist the couple in pinpointing the problem. Once this is solidified, they will focus on treating the couple’s issues. Together, the therapist and patients will establish treatment goals and discuss a treatment plan.

Often the couple will be assigned homework to help change behaviors and ways of interacting with each other. When both partners are committed to changing the relationship, couples therapy has great results.

Explore The Types of Psychotherapy

There’s a wide range of different types of psychotherapy available. In the end, the choice is up to you and your therapist and you can discuss which would be best to support your well-being. Sometimes our professionals can combine different approaches to create a program of therapy that is tailored to their patients. 

Some common approaches to therapy include:

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At Brooklyn Therapy Group our patients receive psychotherapy, psychiatry, neuropsychological evaluation, or any combination of these therapeutic services. We customize our approach to each individual’s challenges and goals.

Contact us now to start your journey to a happier, healthier life and better mental well-being.