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Your Child's Mental Health Matters

At Brooklyn Therapy Group, we love Brooklyn and the people who make it so vibrant. As our practice has grown over the years, we have recognized the need for progressive mental health services dedicated to children and adolescents. While our psychologists have years of experience treating children, we now offer comprehensive child-centered treatment. 

We tailor the program to each child’s unique advantages and obstacles. This can include play therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and parent training. To ensure we offer the perfect treatment model, we provide a neurological testing program. The information from this test helps parents and teachers understand the behavioral and academic challenges the child faces.

Why Should I Seek Therapy For My Child?

Children are more receptive than we give them credit for. They feel all life adjustments powerfully: losing a loved one, experiencing severe illness in the family, or moving to a new school can all impact a child’s wellbeing. At Brooklyn Therapy Group, our psychologists assist children with mental health issues in a fun and intimidating environment.  Brooklyn parents seek out therapy for their children for a myriad of reasons. Our psychologists work with children on any problem that causes them social or emotional distress.  Life adjustments that often require the support of a therapist include:

Depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive symptoms may also appear in some children. These are common reasons for parents seeking treatment for their child. Social difficulties, low self-esteem, behavioral problems, or post-traumatic stress are also best treated with psychological intervention. 

Struggles related to academic and developmental issues may also prompt parents to reach out for help. Learning difficulties and ADHD can impact a child’s performance at school. They may also take a toll on their social relationships, self-esteem, and emotion regulation abilities.

Early intervention can help your child learn to cope and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Our Child And Family Therapy Services

We offer therapy services that help children thrive and help families understand one another.

Parent Training & Support

The psychologists at Brooklyn Therapy Group address the unique challenges Brooklyn families and children face. Parent therapy or coaching is an invaluable tool for parents who want to improve their relationships with their children. This service helps parents gain greater insight into their child’s behavior.

We help parents gain greater emotional intelligence so that the child feels like their needs are being listened to. Parent training and support can also build healthy communication patterns. It is most helpful for parents who are unable to manage their child or overwhelmed by negative interactions with their child.

Child Therapy

We are a team of doctoral-level child psychologists and psychiatrists who have experience working with people of all ages. Our dedicated Child and Family team has a unique skill-set and special ability to work with children, adolescents, and parents. Our psychologists and psychiatrists work with children from diverse cultures, families, and backgrounds. 

We are capable of handling high-stakes situations. Children who are suicidal, suffering from psychosis, eating disorders, and other issues find success at Brooklyn Therapy Group.

Therapy For Adolescents

Adolescence is a time of confusing physical change, low self-esteem, and social challenge. Teenagers are always exploring new parts of themselves, acting in strange ways, and experimenting with their new independence. In this time, emotions run high, and insecurity abounds. As their social environments and bodies change, new pressures and confusions arise. For most, this is a time of conflict with their parents. 

Our psychologists offer adolescents a safe space to connect with a trustworthy provider. With the guidance of a kind professional, adolescents can process their experiences. Our therapy services also give adolescents the tools they need to navigate the future.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is psychotherapy designed for young children. Since children often do not have adequate verbal language to understand or express their emotions, play therapy is a perfect option. Play therapy allows them to process their experience through the language most fluent to them: play.

Play therapy at Brooklyn Therapy Group can enhance coping skills and help children heal from stressful experiences.

What Are The Benefits Of Family Therapy in Brooklyn, New York?

Whether your child struggles with self-esteem or your relationship with your teenager has taken a nosedive, Brooklyn Therapy Group can help. 

Talk therapy gives children a safe space to improve their worldview and self-esteem. With the help of an experienced child psychologist, children can:

Do You Accept My Insurance?

We do not accept insurance directly. However, we make the reimbursement process as turnkey as possible by providing all the necessary paperwork, including receipts and diagnosis codes, in a timely fashion.

Our Guarantee

We know what we do is important. We do not take your child’s mental health lightly. When you choose Brooklyn Therapy Group, you choose the highest standard of care in the industry. That’s a guarantee.

What Our Clients Say

Our psychologists have a passion for helping children grow into healthy, happy adults. They also have a knack for facilitating understanding between adolescents and their parents. Here’s what past patients have to say about Brooklyn Therapy Group!

Lizzy S.

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Selling and his practice! I am lost without them! Leaving each session I walk away feeling remarkably empowered.”

Matt P.

“Brooklyn Therapy Group has helped me so much in a short time, helping me recognize where my issues stem from, what they really are, and ways to get a hold of my anxiety and move forward in a positive and promising direction when it comes to starting a new relationship and really learning from the past ones.”

Lisel A.

“So fantastic to have this beautiful office staffed with top credential doctors right in Williamsburg. The offices are so inviting, as are the staff! Thank you Williamsburg Therapy Group!”

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